German Choir tradition in Central London
The choir was founded in 2009 at the German Christuskirche in London. Currently the full choir consists of around forty singers from different nations who share a common interest in music as well as the German language and culture.

The focus of our rehearsals is on expression, language and historically appropriate musical interpretation. The repertoire is predominantly German music, but the choir also gets involved in modern projects, such as the performance of XXScharnhorst at the Thames Festival in 2012. The musical director of the German Choir is Barbara Höfling. In April 2013, the choir was invited to sing evensong at Westminster Abbey, with works by Schütz, Bach and Distler. In October 2014, the choir performed at the Queen's Gallery in Buckingham Palace.
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Singing in a choir is fun, trains your voice, and allows you to discover the musical treasures of European choir music.
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Deutscher Chor at the Thames Festival
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Deutscher Chor at Christuskirche
Deutscher Chor at Westminster Abbey
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Polyphony of Life concert series 2013: Bonhoeffer's music
O worship the King: 300 years of Hanover succession (1714-2014)
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Following the successful concerts, CD recordings and trips in 2015, the choir has an exciting, full calendar of events for 2016:
16 June: Saint James Paddington Church, YMCA Concert

6 October (7 PM): Queen's Gallery in Buckingham Palace

12 December (5 PM): St. Paul's Cathedral, Evensong
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